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Why every businesses need a blog? 3

According to HubSpot, the majority of businesses that include blogging in their marketing strategy, tend to generate 67% more leads than those who ignore and typically reject the idea of posting fresh content. Even before we started operating as a Digital marketing agency, we have always championed the idea of “Content is King” and clients that take on this advice end up thanking us in the future.

When blogging all that matters is whether the content you are pushing out is well-written, relevant and most importantly accurate (factual), as good content will not only help you acquire an audience but also maintain them as loyal brand followers. Therefore, learning how to write a quality blog yourself would be a plus but if you can’t you can always rely on freelance writers or ask an agency like ours to generate this content for you.

Benefits of having a blog for your Business

Below we will list for you in detail the benefits of why every business must have a blog.

#1. It helps you gain online visitors

A well-managed blog, gives you the platform to be seen as an expert in your industry and that builds credibility and trust among readers and future potential customers. Isn’t that what your online presence is all about?

People search online for help to find an answer to solve their current problems. For example, a problem could be, someone might be looking to go self employed to spend more time with your kids and don’t know what skills will empower you to facilitate this change(mobile hairdresser); someone might need a family car enough to fit 5 kids and have space for their toys for when you travel to see their grandparents, someone else might not know how to remove a stain from their carpet, and even as I write this I know there is the potential that some business somewhere around the world didn’t know about the power of blogging to help solve problems.

We don’t encourage turning a blog into a sales pitch but within it you can add some call to actions, offer some free resources and by doing so you will become a familiar brand and at the same time will be some trustworthiness behind your brand. By doing this, you turn your readers into leads who will more than likely contact you and eventually, choose your product or service. Therefore, always think of a blog like your most powerful arsenal that will help you solve problems and dilemmas in your industry that may confuse a regular man and by doing this you could win plenty of business along the way.


#2. A blog helps you improve your website SEO

Building new pages is harder for some industries than others, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for any entrepreneur or a business owner. The more topics covered in your field of expertise, the more your keyword growth momentum and as a result it will improve the quality score on the page side and conversion rates all around.
No website could ever get any online visibility without search engine optimisation (SEO) and this revolves around what you hear people call keywords that can easily be captured through creative content.

What is SEO? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website through natural traffic by improving your page ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Most serious agencies just like ours (Simba Digital) would never run an SEO campaign without a blog. This is because we know that this is the easiest way to notify Google that your website is active and also helps provide your users with useful resources in your line of services. What’s more, Google looks for relevant content and accurate keywords as well – all this, if worked strategically, can help you rank higher and drive organic traffic to your page.
Linking is one very important ranking element used by Google this can be done through internal linking where you refer to different pages within your website and as such create a silo structure pointing Googlebots to the important pages within your website. If your content is superior, you will find external websites referring to your content and offering you backlinks and by doing this Google builds trust and rewards you with better ranking.

At Simba Digital we believe that every business should be targeting new search terms and targeting them based on their business goals.

#3. A blog helps build you social media audience

In today’s business world your blog and social media accounts are essential parts of building an online presence for your brand. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your business on the web and most businesses struggle to keep posting and updating their social properties. Having a blog can smooth things out for you.
Whether you’re a family business, a small local business or an international brand is irrelevant; a blog as discussed above can contribute to increasing your online popularity and visibility in a significant way. A blog works not only for the present when you’re putting in the effort but it’s more like a long-term investment too. Influencers & affiliate marketers do this very well as they know that people are hungry for content and not just content but one that adds value to them and by offering a good creative copy, they get rewarded even when they are asleep, on vacation or doing other things.
Knowing how to use your blog to promote your brand on social media will enable you to build a community around it and this is why we recommend the integration of both your creative blog content and social media strategy. As we all know social media accounts are useful not only for sharing your recent posts there but have become a vital tool for talking to your audience. Big corporates and brands are using for their customer service and clients now know this as their

#4. A blog helps make your marketing strategy stronger

If you’re investing in digital marketing, creative content marketing is probably a part of your strategy. It strengthens your overall marketing campaign in multiple ways as highlighted in the first 3 points above.
By building your content through well researched blog articles you’re increasing your competitiveness in the online marketplace mainly as it helps with increased indexed pages and as a result more keyword discoverability. This can serve as a significant advantage when competing in a tough market or against competitors with more resources than your company.
A blog gives you the flexibility of discussing topics you wouldn’t necessarily include in your main services or product pages. For example, take a beauty school offering beauty therapy course in London, they wouldn’t necessarily enjoy a lot of traffic to this page but by discussing topics around “beauty therapy” like “how to become a qualified beautician”, “how to choose the best beauty course”, “how much do mobile beauty therapist earn”, they end up strengthening their digital marketing strategy as these pages will indirectly help boost enrolment to their beauty course from various keywords addressed by all these additional blogs.

Final Words

To blog… or not to blog?

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